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Membership in BYOD provides lifelong friendships, community involvement, exclusive barkworthy perks, and countless opportunities for creating memories with dogs that you love.

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Our monthly member pawties foster a community of responsible dog-lovers.

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As a BYOD Member, you are committed to our five purposes. These purposes guide our community and include:

Responsible Dog Ownership

Supporting Local Businesses

Building Dog and Human Relationships

Community Service

Spreading Canine Awareness

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BYOD Member deals are dog-friendly and BYOD exclusive.

Membership is per person and just $2.99/month

“I live a busy life, so I try to spend time and create memories with my dog, Coco, as much as possible. I like BYOD because it provides me with a good resource for my next doggie outing.”

– Doris Lai, BYOD Member

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