The Importance of Letting Your Dog Sniff While On Walks


If you’re like me, your dog is the one who ends up taking you on a walk. Your pooch decides when to go on a walk, as well as where to go on a walk.

Our dogs almost always take their time to sniff–may it be an object, another dog, or the surrounding environment.

Dogs have very sensitive noses—they have the ability to track down missing people, detect drugs and explosives, and are even able to detect low blood sugar. Their noses are remarkable.

Pooches use their noses to navigate the world—much like how humans use their eyes to navigate and identify the world around them. By letting your dog sniff while on walks, you let them explore the world, making their walk much more enjoyable.

Because humans are such visual creatures, we may forget how significant a role a dog’s sense of smell plays in their life. Along with physical exercise, dogs require mental stimulation, and a daily walk can satisfy both these needs. In proportional terms, the area of a dog’s brain committed to interpreting smells is 40 times greater than humans. More so, dogs have a second olfactory system dedicated solely to detecting pheromones. Because a dog’s sense of smell is such a significant piece of their physical makeup, it is necessary that they are given the opportunity to use it.

Dog Running in Grass

You can set things up to where your dog is not just sniffing the same places again and again while on walks—take them to new locations where they can absorb new smells. This will give them the opportunity to explore some more.

By letting your dog sniff while on walks, you open up the world around them. This will greatly boost your dog’s mental health, making them very happy.

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