The Best Cruelty-Free Products for the Animal-Lover in Your Life

Animal-lovers know that animals have notable and distinctive personalities; however, it is up to us to be their voice. Educating ourselves about cruelty-free products allows us as consumers to make wise purchases and promote cruelty-free options.

Our power as consumers influences companies to produce products based on our interests and demands. Also, we’re able to give support to those companies who are already making pawesome animal-loving, cruelty-free products. Whether you are searching for a new collar made from cruelty-free fabric, or maybe gelatin-free dental treats sound like a good alternative, here are several affordable products to consider incorporating into your and your pup’s lives.

Beagle Puppy

Ps: Our pack hopes you ruv the treats and products we recommend! Just so you know, BYOD may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. All prices are accurate and in stock as of time of publication! 

This soap-free shampoo is safe, gentle, and effective, and comes in several scents and varieties. The totally natural pet care line offers selections such as coat brightening, fragrance-free, hot spot relief, ultra-mild puppy shampoo, and shed control, amongst others. If you happen to have a feline, they have options for him or her too! 

This dog-bone shaped toy comes in several sizes and is complete with a hole fit for treats. It will float, bounce, and is infused with natural mint oil. It is dishwasher safe, non-toxic, and made in the United States.

You will make a pawsitive impact when you purchase this collar. For every collar sold, this Austin-based company donates an identical collar to a shelter or rescue organization across the country. The collar is hypoallergenic, great for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies, and made from 100% durable hemp.

These tasty treats are 100% plant based, and great for assisting with dental health and bad breath. The treats are easily digestible, and less resources are required thanks to the plant-based formula.

Several other simple ways you can help animals include:

  • Spay and neuter your pet
  • Do not wear or buy fur, leather, or exotic skin products
  • Report animal cruelty
  • Adopt and/or foster
  • Educate yourself on cruelty-free brands
  • Donate to your local shelter or rescue
  • Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue
  • Do not attend circuses
  • Consider participating in “meatless Mondays” or limiting your meat, egg, and dairy intake
  • Vote with your wallet: purchase products that are cruelty-free

Other than the unconditional love you give to your dog every day, there are millions of other animals who are in need of love and help too–whether that is the senior dog or cat down at the shelter or the elephant who ended up at your city’s zoo.

Small choices can make a world of a difference in an animal’s life, just as you have surely seen by the dramatic shift that occurred when you opened your heart to your fur-baby. 

 For a list of cruelty-free dog food brands, sniff out this resource.

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