Should You Bring Your Dog to Work?

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Dogs encourage their owners and help promote a healthy mindset that can help get you through a workday, but is taking your dog to your workplace ultimately a good idea? Here are some things to consider before you bring your pup to the office.

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Will your dog be bored?

A high-energy dog in the workplace might not be the ideal situation for your productivity. Don’t forget that a dog might need stimulation or attention to prevent him or her from acting out or getting stressed. If bringing your dog to your workplace confines him or her to a too small area or denies access to their favorite squeaky toy, it might be a deal breaker.

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Will your dog be stressed?

Depending on the state of your workplace environment, this can be very important! If your dog gets nervous around a lot of noise, shouting, or unfamiliar people, he or she might behave badly. The benefits of being with you might be outweighed by the stress the environment can bring them. If they aren’t used to travel, new environments, and new people, your dog might not enjoy coming to your workplace.

Your workplace might be dog-friendly, but is it dog-convenient?

Your dog will need bathroom breaks. They might want some walking time and space as well. Can you easily care for the needs of your dog in your workplace? If you don’t keep dog necessities at your workplace, you will have to remember to bring them all yourself—water and food dishes, treats, a place for your dog to rest, toys to keep them occupied, and whatever else. Keep in mind what options you have if you forget something your dog needs. Also, do others get along with your dog? Will your dog feel comfortable with the attention it may receive? Is there a plan in place for other workplace dogs and their relationships with your own?

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What space will be available?

Some offices give dogs free range of an entire office floor, while others are confined to their owner’s office. Do people open and close doors often in your work environment that your dog may have access to? Could they get outside or lost? If you share an office space with someone else, your dog can affect your business or personal relationship with these coworkers. Develop a plan for keeping your dog contained, safe, calm, and happy.

Dog barking, whining, and growling can grab attention and distract from work. It might intimidate your coworkers or distract you from getting work done. A barking or yapping dog can frustrate you or your coworkers and might ruin work relations. Keep in mind how vocal your pup can be.

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Is your dog healthy and hygienic?

How long has it been since your dog went to the vet? Is he or she up to date with their shots? Is one of your coworkers allergic to dogs? Some dogs have food allergies as well—what if a coworker feeds your dog something that they are allergic to? Be aware that people might feed your dog, even if you’ve asked them not to. If your dog has fleas or ticks, you should keep your dog at home until you have solved those issues; your coworkers will appreciate it! Unless your dog has a condition that needs to be looked after, you should probably keep them home until they are healthy and clean.

Final Thoughts

If you want to bring your dog to work, but these questions are hard to answer or the answers look bleak, you might want to consider a trial to see if you and your dog can handle it. Plan a day or a few at the office for your canine companion to visit and keep a careful watch over how it goes. If it seems doable, the benefits of having your beloved pup as your work buddy are great! In the end, your and your dog’s comfort are the most important! Your pup wants the best for you, so do what is best for you both when it comes to bringing your dog to work.

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