Pawty Survival Guide: What to Bring

Whether you’re new to BYOD or an old member, preparing for a pawty can be a struggle from outfits to supplies. The BYOD pack leader Michelle Trejo joined Laura Koch, executive manager of Meadowlake, at the BYOD Houston Educational Pawty.

    During an event, a dog may need water, much like yourself, and bringing a collapsible water bowl can be a game changer. Your pups will be thankful for having their water dish. You’ll be thankful too when they don’t drag you away from conversation to get a refreshment.

    Tip: Try to purchase collapsible bowls in sets of two. This will allow you to provide your pup food and water no matter where you adventure.Michelle, BYOD Founder + CEO

    2. Poop bags

    Picking up after your dog is important for many reasons. BYOD works toward the mission of promoting responsible dog ownership, and we ask our pack to clean up after themselves to respect the business that allow us to get together. Plus, leaving your pup’s poop behind can lead to disease, which is why the city of Houston fines owners, and the habit also negatively affects the environment. That’s why a dispenser and/or eco-friendly bags are a must on our list!

    Tip: Always carry a travel pack of wet wipes in case the poop bag tears, especially when you’re unable to locate a restroom to wash your hands (ex: running trails). Michelle, BYOD Founder + CEO

    3. Non-retractable leash

    Frequent BYOD pawty-goers know retractable leashes are a no-go, but do you know why? There have been incidents in the news about retractable leashes causing serious harm to dogs from the thin cords, such as burns or cuts. While the leashes can give your dog more freedom to move around, the distance between you and your dog can also lead to being separated, and the retractable leashes can encourage jerking behavior, which can hurt the dog’s neck.

    For socials event, non-retractable leashes make sense to keep your dog close by to watch for their behavior and their surroundings. As Koch said, “You always want to be your dog’s best advocate.”

    Tip: Be mindful of pups on retractable leashes in congested areas. If dogs unexpectedly become congested in an area, quickly notify the dog handler using the retractable leash to shorten and lock their leash immediately.Michelle, BYOD Founder + CEO

    *Fanny pack

    A fanny pack is by no means a requirement for a pawty pack, but it can come in handy for carrying your dog supplies. Plus, they’re totally in fashion now.

    Some owners suggested treats as an item to bring in their fanny packs, but Koch was quick to warn of the dangers of treats. Especially at a dog park, sharing treats can be a tricky situation, because you never know what dogs are allergic to or if the dogs will fight over treats, too.

    A solution is to put treats in a Ziploc bag, in a pocket or a different type of bag, make sure the treat is small enough for your dog to eat in one bite, and don’t feed within leash length of another dog.

    This article completes our three-part pawty survival guide series from BYOD and Meadowlake Pet Restort and Training Center. Now that you how to party responsible…

    Get out there and pawty on y’all!

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