Pawty Survival Guide: Social Dog Behavior

Most of us think we know our dogs pretty well. We also think our dog is the best dog in the whole world, so we want to show our good boys/girls everywhere.

However, many owners may not know everything there is to know about dogs, especially when it comes to dogs socializing with other people or other dogs. Here’s where BYOD and Meadowlake Training Center and Pet Resort partnered up to promote responsible dog ownership.

“You are your dog’s advocate,” said executive manager of Meadowlake, Laura Koch. “You are gonna know your dog best, so it is up to you to advocate for your dog.”

Koch kicked off the the Educational Pawty with tips on dogs’ behavior when socializing, such as:

  • Don’t be afraid to say no to strangers petting your dog.
  • Consider your dog’s energy. If your dog needs to tucker out a bit before an event, go for a walk, but make sure your dog still has the energy for the party. A tired dog, just like a tired human, might be prone to snapping.
  • Consider the weather for not only coats or sweaters but also for your dog’s health. Dog breeds with mushed faces, e.g. English Bulldogs, could get heat stroke if in hot weather for too long.
  • Always ask yourself what’s best for your dog. You may have to leave an event early if your dog is not in the mood.
  • Check in with your dog. Even if you are meeting someone, you should keep an eye on the dogs rather worrying about human eye contact. If the person is a responsible dog owner, they’ll do the same, and you can still have a great conversation.
  • When it comes to human-to-human interaction, it would be best if you avoid grand gestures like big hugs, because some dogs are territorial and will see this as a threat.
  • Especially with dogs with an unknown or hard background, the slower the interaction, the better it will be for everyone.
  • If your dog is new to socializing, consider going to events when they’re not as busy and have fewer people and pets.

If you’re unsure about what an uncomfortable dog looks like, Koch also went over the signs too watch for. BYOD Pack leader Michelle Trejo also went over what to bring for pawty survival.

From everyone at Meadowlake and BYOD, we wish you and your pup to pawty on!

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