About the BYOD Pack

“With the strong bond between dogs and humans here to stay and technology on the rise, BYOD and its pack leads the future of building and strengthening dog-friendly communities. It is the leading example in many ways—technology, community, advocacy, environmental and economic growth—as we promote local businesses, reward responsible owners, and make a positive difference.”Michelle Trejo, Founder + CEO

Our Pack Leader

While studying for her Master’s Degree at Rice University, Michelle Trejo became inspired to help responsible dog owners know where their dogs are welcome. It is her mission to ensure BYOD makes positive differences within dog communities, especially through the use of digital media and hosting the nation’s happiest (and responsible) dog pawties.

Meet the BYOD Pack

Our proud team members are dedicated to promoting BYOD’s five purposes: responsible dog ownership, supporting local businesses, building dog and human relationships, community service and spreading canine awareness.

Michelle Trejo

Founder + Chief Executive Officer


Chief Happiness Officer


Chief of Barketing

Our pack serves as our backbone.

We are currently seeking social media and editorial interns!

Virtual and local positions are available.