Handling A Fuzzy Dog

Jack Russell Dog Shedding Fur

As someone who has a fuzzy dog that sheds a lot, I know how frustrating it can be to find dog hair everywhere. Dog hair on the couch, under the couch, on the staircase, on beds, everywhere. It’s seemingly never ending. Though there is no perfect way to solving this issue, it is certainly manageable. I’ll tell you some of the tricks I personally use to help manage my fuzzy pooch.

The first thought that many people have is to shave the dog. This is not a good idea. Yes, you’ll no longer have to deal with the constant mess of dog fur, but it will cause serious issues with your dog’s fur coat. During the summer months, improperly shaving your dog could lead to the potential of having sunburn. If your dog has a thick coat that may cause issues in the summer, please consult your veterinarian on tips.

Now onto fur management. While shaving your dog is not advised, professional grooming can help manage shedding and prevent mats from developing. A good haircut does a dog good, even though it may not directly affect shedding.

One of the best ways to deal with a shedding dog is to brush them often, even daily. Taking the time to brush your dog will also provide the chance of extra quality time together, something both you and your dog will surely appreciate. Brushing will also keep the dog hair from getting everywhere, making other things like vacuuming not as needed.

As many of the countless people who are not too fond of chores, I dislike this as much as the next person, but it’s something that can help. Vacuuming your home more often will reduce the amount of dog hair that quickly builds up. This will not only make your living space more pleasant for you, but also for visiting guests.

Having a lint roller will also come in handy so you don’t bring dog hair with you on your clothes. Dogs are wonderful, but you probably don’t want to be as fuzzy as your dog.

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