Full-Time Grief Therapy Dog Provides Unique Support

Doodle Dog Grief Therapy Dog Dog with blue bandana

There are numerous certified therapy and grief therapy dogs in Texas, but Axl the Goldendoodle, stands out among them. Axl’s mom says, “Axl, aka Grief Therapy Dood is a certified therapy dog and works full-time as a grief therapy dog at Carter-Conley Funeral Home in Houston. Although there are several others in Texas and throughout the country, Axl is the only certified therapy dog assisting full-time at a funeral home in Houston.” Axl volunteers at various locations such as nursing homes and medical facilities, and at places his mom describes as “where happiness is needed.” 

From the time Axl was a puppy, it seems he was destined to help those in need of support. His mom explains, “He began his career at Carter-Conley Funeral Home at only two months old which involved traveling to work with his parents every day, socializing with people and beginning training with a dog trainer, who was also a licensed mortician.” Axl eventually earned his certification as a therapy dog and his mom says he “continues to comfort families at Carter-Conley Funeral home at a time when they need it most.”

Soon enough, Axl found himself with a “black fluff ball” who his parents named Izzy. Axl’s mom says they responded to a rehoming request, and “after meeting her, they just couldn’t resist that little black fluff ball and decided to add another therapy dood to the pack.” Axl’s mom explains that it is apparent that Izzy sees her big brother as her role model, and the two have become best friends.

Izzy began training to be a therapy dog, their mom says, and both pups join their parents at the funeral home every day, “Izzy has responded well to interacting with people and being comfortable with the unique scenarios and equipment that is encountered at the funeral home and places that we visit.” When her parents feel she is ready, Izzy will eventually go through the testing process to receive her therapy dog certification.

Axl and Izzy work full-time at the funeral home, but also have scheduled therapy visits where their mom says they are “happily welcomed by the residents and staff every week at a local retirement home, along with Axl’s regular therapy visits at a local rehabilitation facility….” While one might expect these pups to tire out easily, their mom says, “Axl and Izzy are always on the move and are happy to ride along with us wherever we go! It’s fun to watch the joy and comfort that they truly bring to people.”

Axl and Izzy bring an extraordinary type of support to people that sometimes a human cannot always offer. Axl and Izzy’s mom mentions, “Having therapy dogs Axl, and now Izzy, at our funeral home has been a wonderful and unique form of support and an invaluable addition to our lives and the lives of the families that we serve.”

“Several more fun facts about these pawsome pups: Axl and Izzy are both GoldenDOODles and that is how we came up with Axl’s title, Grief Therapy Dood. They are also each named after members of the rock band Guns N Roses,” says Axl’s mom.

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Information provided by Axl and Izzy‘s mom.

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