Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Senior Dog Irish Setter Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Many people have said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Senior dogs are just as smart as younger dogs and are just as capable of learning tricks. Often times, they already know some tricks that they learned from their younger years. This is just one of many reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog.

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1. Senior dogs are often already trained and can learn new tricks

As already mentioned, senior canines often are already trained, usually from previous owners. This often includes being house trained, making the adopting process MUCH EASIER when it comes to bringing your pooch to their new home. Despite what people say, an old dog can learn new tricks.

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2. They need homes just as badly as younger dogs

Senior dogs make loving companions just as well as young dogs and puppies. An added bonus is that they are generally calmer and less energetic than younger dogs, which can mean that you can get more cuddles in with them.

Golden Retriever Senior Dog

3. Senior dogs are generally not “problem dogs”

Many people think that as a dog gets older, they start having a lot more problems. Older dogs are usually given up for many reasons, not due to the dog itself. This could be a new job, having to move, or a new baby.

However, often times senior pets may need special accommodations due to their old age. This does not mean they are “problematic” in any way. We must learn to adapt to our furry friends as they learn to adapt to us. This would include help with going up and down stairs, as well as getting into taller vehicles (often times a step stool can help with that). It is also recommended by the American Animal Hospital Association to get a wellness check by a veterinarian once every 6 months to make sure that they’re doing well.

4. They have less surprises

With older dogs, the dog you see now is the dog you will later on. The pooch has already fully grown, so accommodating for size won’t be a guessing game later on. You’ll also be able see the dog’s personality early on, whether they are cheerful, shy, or quiet. Also, often you’ll already know what allergies the dog may have instead of having to learn the hard way. This will be easier with getting the right dog food and getting the right medication if necessary.

5. Senior dogs make for instant companions

An older dog already has training, is able to go on walks with you, and will serve as a cuddle buddy for times to come.

Getting a senior dog can be just as exciting as getting a new puppy. For many people, having a senior dog may be a more practical option for pet adoption, as the dog may have training and will be calmer compared to a young puppy. Though you may have less time with a senior dog as you would a younger canine, it will give you a sincere appreciation for the time you have with them.

Sniff out Golden Retriever Acres Senior Sanctuary (GRASS) to learn more about their compassionate mission, and adopting or fostering a senior Golden Retriever.

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