Dogs Love ZippyPaws and Here are the Reasons Why

Beagle mix dog chews on Zippy Paws toy

A pupular toy brand that has caught BYOD’s eyes is ZippyPaws. Stocked in many pets stores and featured in Amazon’s choices, the pet toy company has great products because they focus on durability and quality control; plus, their story is embodied into their unique designs of “playful, colorful, and loads of fun!”

BYOD sniffed out some of the best products from ZippyPaws and are sharing our recommendations.

Ps: Our pack hopes you ruv the treats and products we recommend! Just so you know, BYOD may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. All prices are accurate and in stock as of time of publication! 

1. The Interactive Hide-and-Seek Plush Dog Toy series is perfectly designed to bring hours of fun for your pup.

ZippyPaws have created multiple designs for this interactive toy including, but not limited to: squirrels, mailboxes, pandas, bunnies, monkeys, milk and cookies, and so much more! The Hide-and-Seek toys have squeakers to catch your dog’s attention, and the design of burrowing them has their brains thinking of how to get them out. A fan favorite among humans and their furiends.

Promising review: “My dogs LOVE this toy. We have an [85-pound Boxer/Mastiff] mix and a 17-pound Jack] Russell mix and they can both play with it easily. It’s so cute and very durable – Our big guy is pretty rough with toys and this one is still alive after months of use.”—Mandy

Available on Amazon for $14.99.

2. A Squeakie Pad No Stuffing Plush Dog Toy is perfect for dogs to have fun while humans don’t need to clean up the mess.

Some dogs love to chew through toys then leave a flurry of stuffing all over the floor. ZippyPaws has designed a no-stuffing toy for those messy pups, and the durability will promise hours of fun with a squeaker inside.

Promising review: “I have been buying toys for my pets and never have worried about price…but until now…no matter how tough the toy is supposed to be…they just didn’t last…stuffing was gone in the 1st hour ..squeaky parts were gone an hour after that…Finally, Finally…I have found the best toys out there…our little “el destructo” dog Jasmine, a border collie, is on day three of carrying it, chewing on it, squeaky [it,] on probably 12 or more hours each day…and it still looks great and is in one good condition piece…Great line of toys. Thank you, thank you!”—D.Smith

Available on Amazon for $6.60

3. If your dog likes to catch some air while playing outside, the ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz is the one for you.

These frisbees are made to be gentle on your pup’s teeth also while tough with the durability of real mountain climbing rope and nylon fabric. While some reviewers note this is not the toy of an avid chewer, others say it is the best toy for a pup that loves the outdoors.

Promising review: “This is the favorite outdoor activity for our puppy. The soft nature of this frisbee makes it easy for her to catch and run off carrying it with pride. Love this purchase and would buy it again without hesitation.”—SHANE

Available on Amazon for $8.87.

4. Nothing screams more colorful and fun than the ZippyPaws Floppy Jelly Squeaky Dog Plush Toy.

Not as great for all dog sizes, but it is hard for pups to resist the floppy, squeaking octopus. Toss it around and watch the tentacles fly as your dog has hours of fun with the sea creature.

Promising review: “This toy is darling and super cute to see in my dogs’ mouths. Out of our millions of toys, this one gets a lot of attention. I noticed my 3 dogs are preferable to pink toys for some reason. Like most plush toys, I’m sure this can be easily destroyed if one sets their mind to it. This one hasn’t yet been a target so it’s still holding strong after weeks of love.”—Susan S.

Available on Amazon for $6.99.

5. The Squeakie Emojiz Stuffed Plushie Dog Toy will help your dog with expressing themselves.

ZippyPaws’ silly and fun toy is made for durable tugs-of-war and bouncing good fetches. Whether you want to show your pups some love with the heart-eyes or have a good laugh with the poop emoji, you and your furiend are guaranteed to have a pawesome time with this toy!

Promising review: “My little pupperoni loves this toy. I tell her to go get her toy from the bin, and she will bring the pizza 90% of the time. What a good girl!!!! I might have to buy another one because she finally chewed out its stuffing and pierced its plastic heart (one of the squeakers), but it lasted much longer than I expected. [High-quality] pizza for your floofy floof!”—Allison

Available on Amazon for $6.99.

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