5 Awesome Dog Breeds That Thrive in the City

Whether you live in the city or yearn for urban living, future dog pawrents must consider breed personalities before owning a pup. Before making the life-changing decision, sniff out five awesome breeds that thrive in the city:

When it comes to cuddlers, Shih Tzus win the award! Shih Tzus were bred to be lap dogs for Chinese emperors, and they are still happy to curl up in your lap today. However, this does not mean that they want to sit at your feet all day. These pups are full of energy and respond very well to toys. If you’re looking for a playful, cuddle companion, the Shih Tzu might be the dog for you.

Besides it’s great size, Shih Tzu’s do not shed. If you or your landlord are concerned about mess, the Shih Tzu won’t make a mess with hair. Shih Tzu’s do in fact have hair, not fur. Because of this, your Shih Tzu will need to be regularly groomed.

2. Pug

That cute, smooshy face is hard not to love! The Pug is another dog whose size makes them ideal for apartment living. But Pugs often love to eat – and may put on some weight if they eat too much! To keep your pug at a healthy weight, be sure to ask your vet about a recommended diet.

Pugs shed, but they have short fur that keeps them comfortable in most climates. Their short nose however can cause some breathing issues. Heavy exercise is sometimes too much for a Pug, since their short snout doesn’t allow them to breath the same way other dogs do.

3. Boston Terrier

Another small dog, the Boston Terrier is an excellent size for apartment dwellers. Unlike a Pug or a Shih Tzu, the Boston Terrier is known for having a lot more energy. Bred to hunt rats and other small animals, this little dog loves to run and chase toys.

If you are an urbanite looking for a high energy dog, the Boston Terrier could be right for you. Your Boston would love to spend hours playing in the park or keeping up with you on a hike. Their snout is not quite as flat as a Pugs, making it easier to breath for them. It is still important to monitor a Boston Terrier however, and make sure they are not over-exerting themselves.

4. Greyhound

A big racing dog? In a city? Yes, it can happen. In fact, many Greyhounds thrive in urban environments. Their short fur makes them ideal for warmer cities as well. Adopting a retired racing Greyhound can be a great way to meet your new best friend.

It’s true that Greyhounds love to run, but most of the time, they are actually quite lazy. A Greyhound pet is perfectly happy lounging on their dog bed or sleeping the day away on your couch. They are also quiet and are known for having sweet personalities. Your new greyhound will be happy taking long, slow strolls with you during the day and snuggling with you at night.

5. Labrador

Labs are another dog that you may be surprised to find on this list. While their size may not be suited for a studio apartment, these lovable dogs can make themselves comfortable almost anywhere. Labradors are known for being eager to please and are happiest when they can be with their owners – wherever that may be.

Owning a Lab in the city will require an active lifestyle! These loyal dogs can adapt to any exercise you choose. Whether you take your Lab for runs in the morning, hikes in the afternoon, or several walks throughout the day, any type of movement will be welcome!

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