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Being the nation’s leaders when it comes to hosting fun, responsible dog events, BYOD pawtnered with Pet Winery to offer droolworthy beverages for those who just want a relaxing night in.

  • Dog Pawrignon: Formulated so you can now pop bottles with your dogs! This 12oz bottle is the perfect drink. Blended with filtered water, a healthy dose of salmon oil (wild caught) and organic food coloring.
  • FetchMe Grigio & FetchMe Noir: is fetchingly formulated for dogs of all ages. Non-Alcoholic, bacon infused and enriched with salmon oil. This canine beverage is a healthy treat that will keep their skin healthy and coat shiny! Salmon oil is packed with Omega3’s!
  • Dog-Tini: Is here! Great blend of Peppermint for fresh breath, salmon oil, filtered water and organic food coloring!
  • Doggie TEA bags: because who doesn’t want to have a tea party with their pups? Each tin comes with eight tea bags to brew. The bags are an organic blend of Dandelion, Dill seed, and skull cap.
  • Bark Brew: Now serving beer for the pups! In 3 great flavors; Chicken Ale, Beef Ale, or Calm Ale (Salmon oil and Hemp oil)
  • All drinks are non-alcoholic and made with healthy ingredients to help keep your pet’s skin healthy, coat shiny, and breath smelling fresh!


Lap your drinks up responsibly.

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