Blue Owl Brewing


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2400 E Cesar Chavez St, #300 Austin, TX 78702, USA

Whether you’re looking to hang out with some friends or nerd out about beer science, Blue Owl Brewing welcomes you to come enjoy one of their sour-mashed beers.

  • Blue Owl Brewing is an all sour brewery located in East Austin
  • Aims to produce clean, well-balanced beers that retain the characteristics of their style
  • Offers a tasting room that is cozy, dog welcoming, and fun

Sniff out Blue Owl Brewing’s Beers, Sour-Mashing Process and Store

Blue Owl Brewing
(512) 593-1262
HOURS: WED. – THURS. 3:00 PM – 10PM | FRI. – SAT 12PM-10PM | SUN. 12-8PM 

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$3 Off Classic Tasting

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