2nd Street District


Want to bring your dog with you?
2nd Street District welcomes well-behaved dogs. Call to confirm a specific location welcomes dogs.

“Downtown shopping and dining district! This district is the few blocks surrounding Austin City Hall, and includes a lot of places to eat, drink and shop. There’s lots of Al Fresco dining (outdoors) with a European feeling. Dogs are welcome at most of the establishments’ patios. There’s some fun stores, be sure to check out Toy Joy! The area is pedestrian friendly, with wide sidewalks and one way streets, so it’s a relaxing stroll. There’s several parking garages in the area, because street parking is rare. It’s not a very big shopping area. It’s perfect if you’re going to go see a show at the ACL Theater, but the real action is over in the Warehouse District, or 6th Street.” – yelp.com


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