Why National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Can Save Lives

Why National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Can Save Lives

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is observed on April 30th and is dedicated to raising awareness to the countless number of shelter animals awaiting their forever homes across the country. Adopting an animal will not only provide him or her with a loving home but can also give you additional meaning to your life. The common expression “Who rescued who?” … Read More

Pet ID: Why Tags and Microchips Are Essential for Your Pups

cropped view of veterinarian holding syringe for microchipping beagle dog

Nothing could break a pawrent’s heart more than the thought of losing their pup, yet according to an ASPCA study, only a third of pet owners tag their fur babies. While it may seem like your pup would never run away, the unexpected can happen, and without these tools, they could be lost for a long time. National Pet ID … Read More

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Kids Playing with Dog

If you believe all media reports, you might also believe dog attacks are just a part of their nature. However, studies by researchers and expert dog trainers say otherwise. Dogs can become aggressive because of stress, fear, or a need to be dominant. It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and BYOD is sharing our best tips and advice when it … Read More