Handling A Fuzzy Dog

Jack Russell Dog Shedding Fur

Having a shedding dog can drive you nuts. These tips can help keep you and your dog clean!

Why National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Can Save Lives

Why National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day Can Save Lives

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day is observed on April 30th and is dedicated to raising awareness to the countless number of shelter animals awaiting their forever homes across the country. Adopting an animal will not only provide him or her with a loving home but can also give you additional meaning to your life. The common expression “Who rescued who?” … Read More

How to Stay On Top of Children and Dogs Interacting

Happy girl with a dog licking her face (1)

A recent BYOD poll revealed 38% of our followers did not know kids were the most common dog bite victims. April 26 is National Kids and Pets Day, and we want to share with pawrents the best way to introduce kids to dogs. The number one recommendation we have is to never leave children and dogs alone. A responsible adult … Read More