The Healthiest Easter Candy for Your Dog

Sojos Good Dog Blueberry

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Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy finding Easter candy around the yard. Every-bunny loves a challenging “treat hunt”–even the laziest pups! Knowing this, keeping your pup happy and healthy during the holiday season is important. In honor of the month, we’ve sniffed out the healthiest dog-friendly candy (aka, raw dog treats) for your pup. Ps: Our pack hopes you … Read More

Is Raw Dog Food Actually Healthier?

The dog jack russell terrier lies with a huge bowl of raw minced meat food for dog concept_edited

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Veterinarians caution against raw food, but the diet has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits.

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

Kids Playing with Dog

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If you believe all media reports, you might also believe dog attacks are just a part of their nature. However, studies by researchers and expert dog trainers say otherwise. Dogs can become aggressive because of stress, fear, or a need to be dominant. It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and BYOD is sharing our best tips and advice when it … Read More

What You Need to Know Before Doggie Daycare

Woman Playing with Golden Retriever

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Daycare—we may have some memories from our early childhood, but you may not have known many dog care businesses. If you have a 9-to-5 job or no one to look after your dog for long hours, the service can be beneficial to both pawrents and pups. Multiple dog daycare businesses say it can help with a dog’s socialization around other … Read More

Best Amazon Puppy Supply List to Welcome a New Friend Home

Golden retriever dog puppy playing with toy

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Welcoming a tiny furiend is an exciting time. (Some would argue more so than the arrival of a newborn, but that’s not here nor there.) Whether you’re adopting on National Puppy Day this Saturday or any time of the year, BYOD has prepared pawrents with a list of the best products for welcoming home your new pup! Ps: Our pack … Read More