The Healthiest Easter Candy for Your Dog

Sojos Good Dog Blueberry

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Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy finding Easter candy around the yard. Every-bunny loves a challenging “treat hunt”–even the laziest pups! Knowing this, keeping your pup happy and healthy during the holiday season is important. In honor of the month, we’ve sniffed out the healthiest dog-friendly candy (aka, raw dog treats) for your pup. Ps: Our pack hopes you … Read More

Is Raw Dog Food Actually Healthier?

The dog jack russell terrier lies with a huge bowl of raw minced meat food for dog concept_edited

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Veterinarians caution against raw food, but the diet has gained popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits.

3 Clever Exercises for Your Lazy Pup

Pug Sleeping

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Making sure your lazy pup gets proper exercise can be a challenge, especially when their favorite pastime is napping. Just like snooze sessions, exercise needs to happen daily to keep your dog healthy and happy. We’ve gathered 3 clever exercises that’ll make your pup jump up even when they just want to be lazy. Grab a bag of your pup’s favorite treats … Read More