Celebrating Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

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Canines have jobs from guiding the blind to the K9 force. Today, we are highlighting therapy dogs and the wonderful work they do for humans by answering some common questions. According to the American Kennel Club, these dogs volunteer with their owners in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to improve the lives of others. A therapy dog is not an … Read More

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

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 If you believe all media reports, you might also believe dog attacks are just a part of their nature. However, studies by researchers and expert dog trainers say otherwise. Dogs can become aggressive because of stress, fear, or a need to be dominant. It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and BYOD is sharing our best tips and advice when it … Read More

What You Need to Know Before Doggie Daycare

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Daycare—we may have some memories from our early childhood, but you may not have known many dog care businesses. If you have a 9-to-5 job or no one to look after your dog for long hours, the service can be beneficial to both pawrents and pups. Multiple dog daycare businesses say it can help with a dog’s socialization around other … Read More

The Controversial Dog: History of Pit Bulls

Mysterious dog photo black and white dog photo black and white dog black and white pit bull dog emerging from darkness dog photography

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Pit bulls may conjure up a variety of images. These may be images of love and compassion or of fear and aggression. These dogs have a far-reaching past that stretches across the Atlantic Ocean. Dogs commonly referred to as pit bulls are characteristically playful, friendly, athletic and have a strong desire to please people. Although, pictures in the media often … Read More

What Dog Parents Need to Know About CBD and THC

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A hazy storm is rolling across the country. Ten states, along with Washington, DC, have legalized marijuana for adults 21 and over. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 additional states. As more and more people are able to legally access marijuana, there is an increased interest in how the substance can affect dogs. Always be aware of your own limits … Read More

Do Dogs Understand Time?

Curious Dog Dog Tilts Head

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Many pawrents notice that their dogs have an uncanny sense of when a certain activity is about to happen, such as when they are about to leave for the grocery store or when it is time for their pup to receive a mid-afternoon snack. These incidents seem to indicate that pups do have some concept of time. Research suggests that … Read More

8 Interactive Dog Toys to Stimulate Your Pup’s Mind

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Just like humans, dogs are social creatures. Unfortunately, due to the high demands of work and social commitments, many of us are finding it harder to spend quality time with our pups. Whether you are headed out the door for work, school, or some other obligation, there are some pawsome ways to relieve your pup’s boredom. Here are eight interactive … Read More

Cats vs Dogs Or How About Both?

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The debate on cats over dogs or dogs over cats is a popular topic. Between scientific studies on which animal is smarter and heated debates on animal superiority, most people seem to have a strong opinion. However, the middle ground is hardly explored. Most readers here are going to lean on the dog side, but what some of you may … Read More

The Canine Good Citizen Test

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Meadowlake and BYOD went over was the Canine Good Citizen test last month at our Educational Pawty. The CGC certification will build a better bond with your dog and provides intellectual stimulation for your pups. It’s also a prerequisite for many therapy dog groups and makes a great starting point for training dogs.  Here are the subjects of the test, … Read More