Overweight Dogs Face Health Problems

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Dogs can be influenced by their human’s behavior, particularly when it comes to diet and exercise. Despite having the best intentions, our own unhealthy habits may put their well-being at risk. There are several ways to improve your pup’s health, which can allow both of you to live happy and healthy lives. Always consult with your veterinarian before attempting to put … Read More

How To Be An Eco-Friendly Pet Parent

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Earth Day is observed each year on April 22nd to promote environmental consciousness and encourage the conservation of our planet. Currently, Earth Day is observed in more than 190 countries annually. Ps: Our pack hopes you ruv the treats and products we recommend! Just so you know, BYOD may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on … Read More

Xylitol: The Dangerous Ingredient Hiding in Your Household Goods

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Xylitol is an alcohol that naturally occurs in small amounts in plant fibers, including fruits and vegetables, and can also be extracted from birch wood and corncobs. It is commonly used as a sweetener but can also be used for medical purposes. Humans with a healthy metabolism naturally produce small quantities of xylitol. Xylitol as a refined sweetener is frequently … Read More

Easter Baskets: Potentially Deadly Hazard for Pets

Easter Basket

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Besides Valentine’s Day, veterinarians warn pet owners that Easter weekend is one of the deadliest times of the year. As chocolate toxicity cases continue to rise, experts are noticing many pet owners remain unaware of the other potential hazards the Easter Bunny brings. This year, make sure your holiday fun is pet-safe by being mindful of the following Easter hazards: … Read More

The Healthiest Easter Candy for Your Dog

Easter Eggs

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Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy finding Easter candy around the yard. Every-bunny loves a challenging “treat hunt”–even the laziest pups! Knowing this, keeping your pup happy and healthy during the holiday season is important. In honor of the month, we’ve sniffed out the healthiest dog-friendly candy (aka, raw dog treats) for your pup. Ps: Our pack hopes you … Read More

Celebrating Dog Therapy Appreciation Day

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Canines have jobs from guiding the blind to the K9 force. Today, we are highlighting therapy dogs and the wonderful work they do for humans by answering some common questions. According to the American Kennel Club, these dogs volunteer with their owners in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes to improve the lives of others. A therapy dog is not an … Read More

Is Raw Dog Food Actually Healthier?

Raw Dog Food Ingredients

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There are a variety of options to choose from when considering dog food. A large portion of people feed their pups processed kibble or wet food; although, numerous pawrents have become interested in the raw food diet. A raw diet is not practical at all times, but incorporating a raw food diet into your dog’s current diet could provide several … Read More

Dog Bite Prevention Tips

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 If you believe all media reports, you might also believe dog attacks are just a part of their nature. However, studies by researchers and expert dog trainers say otherwise. Dogs can become aggressive because of stress, fear, or a need to be dominant. It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and BYOD is sharing our best tips and advice when it … Read More

Fight Back Against Dogfighting: Why National Dogfighting Awareness Day Matters

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) established and recognizes National Dogfighting Awareness Day on April 8th  in order to raise awareness and educate the public about the reality of dogfighting. The recognized day encourages animal lovers to stand up against this barbaric form of animal cruelty. Dogfighting is an underground enterprise most commonly driven by … Read More