7 Pupular Valentine’s Gifts

Cupid’s day is here, and you need to find the perfect gift for the love of your life: your pup! Never fear, BYOD is here. Here are the top gifts our team is pawsitively pawstruck in love with. The worst part of the day is leaving your dog at home, and it’s not ideal for them either. With the interactive … Read More

About BYOD Unleashed

BYOD Unleashed About

If you’re a dogaholic like us, you’ve sniffed out the right blog! Our pack isn’t here to cure, we’re here to enable. BYOD Unleashed is a digital terrier-tory where BYOD Members can dig out the latest scoop on pup culture, industry news, to barkworthy tips on dog health and wellness. Want to read how our tail began? Sniff out this … Read More

5 Awesome Dog Breeds That Thrive in the City

Whether you live in the city or yearn for urban living, future dog pawrents must consider breed personalities before owning a pup. Before making the life-changing decision, sniff out five awesome breeds that thrive in the city: When it comes to cuddlers, Shih Tzus win the award! Shih Tzus were bred to be lap dogs for Chinese emperors, and they … Read More

A Kid’s Incredible Reaction to a Poopy Situation

Boy Kissing Dog

It’s happened to the best of us. You’re out for a walk, feeling relaxed and enjoying the weather. When you feel like the moment couldn’t get any better, it happens: you step in a huge pile of poop. Isn’t it such a great feeling? Besides dog poop being incredibly annoying (and gross), here’s an infographic that explains why you should … Read More