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Why Do Dogs Bark?

Dogs use barking in the same way we use language—as a form of communication.
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National Parks, Camping, and Dogs

Camping and hiking require a lot of preparation and know-how, but how does that change when you bring along your dog?
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The Importance of Letting Your Dog Sniff While On Walks

Letting your dogs sniff on walks is very beneficial to them--it lets them explore the world around them!
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Diseases You Can Catch From Your Dog

Although rare, it is possible to catch a disease from your pet. Keeping an eye on their health can help both them and you in the long run!
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Sign This Petition for Dogs


Responsible Dog Ownership Pledge

From neglect and abuse to not obeying leash laws, irresponsible dog owners continue to fail their beloved pet(s) and communities every day. 

We are petitioning dog owners and enthusiasts to remind them that pet ownership is a privilege and consists of legal and moral obligations.

Together, we signed the BYOD Responsible Dog Ownership Pledge to show our commitment to our canine companions. Together, we hope you will sign our pledge, too!


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