Best Amazon Puppy Supply List to Welcome a New Friend Home

Golden retriever dog puppy playing with toy

Welcoming a tiny furiend is an exciting time. (Some would argue more so than the arrival of a newborn, but that’s not here nor there.) Whether you’re adopting on National Puppy Day this Saturday or any time of the year, BYOD has prepared pawrents with a list of the best products for welcoming home your new pup!

Ps: Our pack hopes you ruv the treats and products we recommend! Just so you know, BYOD may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. All prices are accurate and in stock as of time of publication!

1. Potty Training Pads from the American Kennel Club are an essential part of early training and keeping a happy home for everyone.

Promising review:I’m fostering 7 pit bull mix puppies and the mom and dad and these have been a lifesaver. The puppies are only 7 weeks old and are already choosing to go potty on the training pads quite often – it’s a work in progress. The pads are extremely absorbent and they do not leave an unpleasant odor – in fact, I don’t notice any odor at all, which I prefer. The puppies do try and chew on the pads that are in their training crate, but they’re very durable. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the product, the quantity, the quality, and the price. I’ve been going through about 6-8 of them per day. I have also been using them to “mop up” around the room when the puppies have accidents on the tile floor and they absorb very well in that way, as well. I can’t say how they work with adult dogs that are being potty trained, as that is not the purpose I’m using them for. They stay in place very well [inside] the training crates and also on the floor, but be advised – little puppies will probably try and drag them around the room for fun – mine do, but that’s just because EVERYTHING is interesting and new to them. Mom and dad doggies just leave them alone, but they also have access to a doggy door to go [outside], so they don’t use the pads exclusively. There seem to be a lot of options for training pads, and I would consider these among the best overall.” ーLittleBeak

Available on Amazon for $16.99 (different packages and sizes offered). You can choose your own scent too!

2. Primal Pet Gear Double Handle Leash is perfect for beginning safety training with your puppy as it discovers a whole new world with you.

Promising review: This leash is perfect for my needs. The color selection was great. I decided to get purple, was super pleased when the leash arrived. The padding on the handles makes it easier on my wrist, I have a 70lb young hyper border Coley mix with a new 25lb puppy. They are both being held with this leash because I attached this leash to a double collar attachment. I couldn’t have two leashes getting tangled and I need to have one free hand for a cane. This leash is sturdy and very comfortable to hold. When the dogs pull this leash doesn’t rub my small wrist. Thank you for this product Primal pet gear. P.s. I chose this product through hours of reading reviews and I paid full price, it WAS NOT a gift or deal for product testing from the seller or Amazon.” ーCindymvm

Available on Amazon for $13.95 (lots of colors to maximize a puppy’s style).

3. Picking up after your pup with Pet N Bags Bio-Degradable Poop Bags makes the environment and your neighborhood a happy place.

Promising review:I recently had an addition of a large puppy to my household, little did I realize at the time was I would be needing much larger and much more sturdy bags then I had with my chihuahua (I used the bags the newspapers came in)… I came across these bags, very good price and this particular package came with a holder for the bags, that I wanted also. I’ve used these bags for a few days now. The holder is sturdy and it is very easy to remove bags from it (unlike my daughter’s dogs holders, where I have to twist and pull to get a bag out). The bags themselves are very impressive, they are made of strong plastic, odor-free and a nice long length. I have no fear my hand will accidentally rip through the plastic when picking up the poop. I like too that I can buy them in large [quantities.] I will definitely be purchasing these bags again and highly recommend them. You won’t regret your purchase.” ーCindy Lee

Available on Amazon for $15.99. Comes with a great dispenser!

4. Buckley Trainers will motivate your puppy to learn new tricks and behaviors while also being a healthy snack.

Promising review:We bought these for training our new puppy and could not be happier. Our 4-year-old Gordon Setter has a very sensitive stomach and cannot have cheaply made treats, so we thought these would be a great alternative (since she always wants a treat). These have not upset her stomach, are enjoyed by both dogs and are the perfect size for working with both of the girls. We will be ordering these again!” ーSkyler Klotz

Available on Amazon for $5.49 (bacon, chicken, and peanut butter flavors)

5. Siensync Slow Feeder Bowl will not only teach your pup to take time to eat but will make feeding time fun!

Promising review: Really great product if you have a pup who eats too fast or doesn’t chew his food, and ends up puking it all back up. My 6 month old GSD puppy was having some SERIOUS issues with dinner manners before I bought this product. He would easily inhale (no chewing involved whatsoever) his bowl of food in less than 3 minutes, as an owner worried about him getting bloat- this really bothered me. I would try hand feeding him separate pieces of kibble so he would crunch them up, I would try letting him eat a few bites and then make him wait 3-5 minutes in between the next few bites he ate- but that just seemed to make him more and more ravenous causing quicker gobbling, I tried putting a tennis ball in his old bowl to cause an obstacle to eat around but he OBVIOUSLY just picked it up and dropped it next to him, and continued scarfing down his food like some kind of animal. Duhh! Now that I have the Slow Feeder Bowl by Siensync- it takes my little buddy 10-15 minutes to complete his 3 meals a day. It also encourages him to chew since he is having to work the pieces of kibble, veggie, meat and egg out of each crevasse. Totally recommend! You can fit about half a cup of kibble in this bowl- with one cracked raw egg and shell, some meat and chopped veggies shoved down in two of the spiral slots, leaving three of the spiral slots to kibble. If you are just feeding kibble you can probably fit an entire cup but I have my pup on a somewhat raw diet.” ーAmazon Customer

Available on Amazon for $9.59 (blue or red)

Slow feeder

There are more things your pup will need, but the best choice for your unique puppy will be based on researching into their breed and needs.

Toys are also great to deter puppies from tearing up furniture, but with a variety of choices, your selection should be based on their needs. Check out our recommendations on interactive toys to stimulate your dog’s mind!

Looking to adopt a pup or want to donate to a good cause? Pup Squad is a rescue organization for orphaned puppies and nursing litters from the streets. Bonus, they’re celebrating their ten-year anniversary this Saturday!

Cheers to an early celebration of our cute furiends!

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