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If you’re a dogaholic like us, you’ve sniffed out the right site! Our pack isn’t here to cure, we’re here to enable. BYOD Tails is a digital terrier-tory where dog-lovers can dig out the latest scoop on pup culture, news, and entertainment. Want to read how our tail began? Sniff out this article: About BYOD Cities Michelle Trejo, Founder + CEO … Read More

3 Clever Exercises for Your Lazy Pup

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Making sure your lazy pup gets proper exercise can be a challenge, especially when their favorite pastime is napping. Just like snooze sessions, exercise needs to happen daily to keep your dog healthy and happy. We’ve gathered 3 clever exercises that’ll make your pup jump up even when they just want to be lazy. Grab a bag of your pup’s favorite treats … Read More

5 Awesome Dog Breeds That Thrive in the City

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Whether you live in the city or yearn for urban living, future dog pawrents must consider breed personalities before owning a pup. Before making the life-changing decision, sniff out five awesome breeds that thrive in the city: When it comes to cuddlers, Shih Tzus win the award! Shih Tzus were bred to be lap dogs for Chinese emperors, and they … Read More