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If you’re a dogaholic like us, you’ve sniffed out the right site!

Our pack isn’t here to cure, we’re here to enable.

BYOD Tails is a digital terrier-tory where dog-lovers can dig out the latest scoop on pup culture, news, and entertainment. Want to read how our tail began? Sniff out this article: About BYOD Cities

Meet Our Pack

Michelle Trejo, Founder + CEO

Brains of a Rice Owl, heart of a Pomeranian. Michelle is a proud dog mom of two Shelties. Outside of BYOD, she enjoys writing and is currently in the process of publishing her research on dog-breed discrimination.

Katie Gambrell, Creative Content Coordinator

Katie loves looking at dog photos, enjoys getting coffee and pupaccinos with her pups. When she is not writing about all-things dogs, her pups frequently take her on walks.

Allison Williamson, Writer

Allison’s childhood sweethearts are stories and dogs, so combining them for BYOD is a dream come true. When she’s not sniffing out her next adventure, Allison and her pup are cuddled under a blanket with a book.

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If your camera roll is 90% pictures of your dog, your bark and dog-friendly adventures belong here. BYOD Tails is currently on the prowl for dog-obsessed writers—perks if you have a barkworthy sense of humor. Want to submit a guest post or join our pack? Please forward your article and/or cover letter here.

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