About BYOD Cities

If you’re like our pack, you want to do EVERYTHING with your pup.

From brunch and mimosas to doga classes (aka: yoga for you and your pooch), we believe dogs make life a lot more awesome

But what to do when your community doesn’t return the puppy ruv?

  • Lily the Sheltie enjoying patio views. (2014)

The BYOD tail began after my dog, Lily, and I were asked to leave a restaurant’s patio because it was no longer dog-friendly.

  • Lily and I enjoying a restaurant’s patio before being told no dogs allowed. (2014).

Disappointed, I grabbed my phone and went straight to Google in search of “dog-friendly patios in Houston”—but the results were pawful, especially in 2014. As the search continued, I began to go mutts! Disappointed by Google’s lack of information, I created a blog and Instagram account to document Lily’s adventures.

It was then that I took being a dog pawrent to another level. You know the kind. The one that’ll purchase a dog stroller.

  • One of my proudest dog mom purchases, Lily’s stroller. (2015)

During this time, one of our Instagram followers suggested Lily and I should host a community meet-up. I adored the idea, but let’s face it—not all pup pawrents are responsible.

As I planned the pawty, I wanted to ensure like-minded, responsible dog-lovers attended. It was then that BYOD’s core value of promoting responsible dog ownership was born.

On November 8, 2015, BYOD hosted it’s first pawty and began sharing the importance of responsible dog ownership, encouraging humans to obey leash laws, pooper scooper laws, and socializing their pups properly.

It didn’t take long for the bark on the street to share awesome things about our pawties.

  • BYOD’s launch pawty in Houston, TX. (2018)

In 2018, BYOD launched it’s membership community in Houston, Texas and brought responsible dog owners (BYOD Members) together.

Since then, BYOD Members have continued being the city’s top dogs (and humans) when it comes advocating responsible dog ownership and celebrating the dogs that we ruv!

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  • BYOD Houston’s St. Pawtrick’s Day pawty. (2018)

Nowadays, BYOD’s pack and educational mission can be sniffed out in Austin, Texas and more cities soon!

  • BYOD Austin’s Santa Paws Pawty. (2018)

Our motto? Happy dogs, happy places

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Michelle Trejo

BYOD, Founder + CEO

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