A Tale of Two Parks: Zilker vs. Auditorium Shores

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With all the dog parks in Austin, TX, choosing the best one to take your dog to can seem overwhelming. However, there are two notable dog parks in Austin that we’ll take a look at and see how they compare to each other.

Zilker Dog Park and Auditorium Shores Off-Leash Park are both considered “off-leash” dog parks, which is city property that has been specifically marked off for dogs to roam freely. These are the only public areas where a dog can go about unleashed due to Austin’s leash laws, making this a worthy experience for both you and your dog!

Now let’s look at the two parks. Though they are only one mile apart from each other, there are some differences between the two.

Let’s look at Auditorium Shores Dog Park first. Right beside Lady Bird Lake (a water reservoir off the Colorado River which runs through Austin), west of the First Street Bridge, and providing a magnificent view of the Austin Skyline, it provides a nice experience for both you and your canine. It is centrally located in Austin, making it easily accessible. Because the park rests alongside Lady Bird Lake, it gives your dog the opportunity to take a dip. There are also several trails nearby, making for great walking opportunities. Just make sure your dog is leashed outside of the park!

There is one concern with the park however: it is not fenced in and there is a road nearby. With this being an “off-leash” park, you’ll need to make sure to keep a keen eye on your dog.


Now let’s take a peek at Zilker Dog Park. Zilker Park, located at 2100 Barton Springs Road, is only a short mile from Auditorium Shores, allowing you to visit both parks on a long afternoon if you so wish. It’s one of the best-known dog parks in Austin. The natural beauty of the park, as well as the charming view of downtown makes Zilker a good place to visit.

This park is “off-leash” as well, so make sure to keep your eye on your dog. Despite this, your dog will surely enjoy some freedom with being “off-leash.”

These two parks offer great opportunities for you and your canine friend to go out and enjoy a lovely day.

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