8 Reasons to Keep Your Dog On-Leash


We live in a world of chaos. As a result, we need to make sure we are prepared for that. Your dog may run off to chase a squirrel, try to meet up with another pooch, or chase after a bike, among other things. Below are eight reasons why keeping your dog on leash is so important.

Speeding past, these steel hulks of metal can’t stop on a dime. Being able to pull your dog close so they don’t run into the street is critical. Plus, your dog could easily collide with a biker or skateboarder. It is best that you are able to have control when you need to, or in the scenario that someone else loses control of their transport machine.

Children and Elderly

A leash can help prevent your pup from running and jumping on people who might be more fragile than your rambunctious pup. Regardless whether their intention is to play, they could end up causing serious harm.


Keeping your dog leashed should be a common courtesy for your neighbors, especially if they are not familiar with your dog. Aside from neighbors and familiar faces, keeping your dog leashed is courteous to strangers who may be wary of dogs or who may have had a previous negative experience with a dog.

Wildlife and Other Animals

While your dog may do superbly off-leash, other dogs may become stressed and reactive by coming in contact with off-leash dogs. For tips on how to deal with a reactive dog on walks, sniff out this article. Plus, keeping your dog on-leash prevents him or her from disturbing or harming wildlife, or even getting into harm’s way themselves.

Prey Drive

Some pups have a higher prey drive than others. An off-leash pup with a high prey could end up chasing a squirrel or a cat, and simply calling him or her might not be enough to get his or her attention.  


You have more control on what your dog is able to sniff, roll around in, and/or put in his or her mouth when they are kept on leash. This can also help lessen the spread of disease and infection.

Dog in nature
It's the Law

In many cities, it is the law! If you would like to let your dog enjoy some time off-leash and you do not have a yard, research a local dog park or a local dog play group–after ensuring your pup is up to date on his or her vaccines.

Lost Dog

Lastly, it’ll prevent your dog from running away and getting lost. One lost dog is a lost dog too many. 

Even with the best trained dogs, it is still important to make sure that they are leashed, especially while outside and on walks. Using a non-retractable dog leash to keep your dog close is key to keeping them safe in potentially dangerous situations. Sniff out dog leash laws by state for more information.

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