7 Clever Dog Gadgets

POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar

Technology has been integrated into our lives in so many ways. It can even connect people to their pups! Here are some clever gadgets that you and your pup may love.

Ever out of the house and worry about your dog? Put those worries to ease with the TOOGE Pet Camera by pulling out your phone to check up on them. This pet camera supports two-way audio, which means not only can you hear what your dog is up to, they can hear you. With motion sensors, night vision, and multiple camera support, you can tell your dog to stop chewing up the couch or simply cherish a cute moment of your furry friend.

Maybe just seeing and chatting with your pup isn’t enough to settle you! In that case, you can video chat with your dog and give it treats with PetChatz HD. It includes multiple features to entertain and comfort your dog when they are home alone. PetChatz can be controlled from multiple platforms: iOS, Android, or a computer. It lets your dog contact you when they need you with Pet to Parent messaging or PawCall. It even features calming aromatherapy, which may help a pup with separation anxiety.

Do you not always have enough energy to keep up with your pup when they want to play? Wickedbone Smart Bone might be an option for tired dog owners and bored or restless dogs. This Smart Bone holds true to its name with both automatic auto-play that adjusts to your dog’s actions or manual app control you can use to play with your dog with the touch of your phone screen. It’s customizable, letting you choose from green, pink, blue, or white tires which are replaceable and convenient to clean! It’s not meant for heavy chewers but is still made to be durable for playtime.

Is your dog quick to bark but you’re not quick to buy a shock collar? POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar is a humane alternative to mainstream shock collars. Many owners have expressed their joy over this collar for its effectiveness. This collar uses vibration and sound to discourage your pup from barking. It can be adjusted in intensity as well. If you’re looking for a safe and humane way to discourage your dog from barking, POP VIEW’s collar might be the one for you!

Keeping track of your dog’s food intake can be a hassle, especially if more than one person is feeding your pup. Obe ProBowl Smart Dog Food Bowl can help! This award-winning dog bowl is smart and useful. The base lights on the bowl will light up—red for already fed or too much food, or green for go ahead and feed. This helps with portion control and prevents your dog from overeating. The bowl is microwave and dishwasher safe and made of FDA approved, food safe, non-BPA plastic. Monitor your dog’s drinking and eating habits and create a personalized diet plan for your pup. This smart bowl even has the option of automatically reordering your pet food.

Can you really call your pup pampered until they have their own filtered water dispenser? The Veken Pet Fountain can hold 82 fluid ounces of water, filtered and flowing. This pet fountain is non-toxic, durable, BPA-free, with easy-to-clean plastic. It comes with three modes that change the flow of how the water flows, three replacement filters, and a cute silicone pad to help with any splashing. All around, a cute and healthy product to encourage your dog to stay hydrated!

This last product isn’t solely aimed for pet use, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less useful when it comes to puppy problems! Ever come home to a dog accident you can smell but can’t find? A UV Flashlight Black Light is the tool for finding pet potty stains in carpet or other places in the house. Once you find it, you might want to use some Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator.

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