6 Tips for Dog Parents for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


The holiday season can be overwhelming for humans and dogs alike. With traveling, prepping meals, and taking care of family, the joy of the holidays can easily be overshadowed by stress.

To help alleviate some of the stress, sniff out these six tips that may help the holiday season go a little smoother for you and your pup.

Holiday Dogs
Set Up a Pet Friendly Room

Set up a room in the house for your pup and any other pets that may be coming. This room may be closed off from others, where dogs can roam about freely without getting in anyone’s way. This will also allow your pup to socialize and play with others, and hopefully get out some excess energy! You can include toys and water bowls to make sure your pets are well accommodated for.

Be sure that all pets socialize well with one another before leaving them unattended, and check up on them frequently to ensure they have plenty of water and to take them outside.

Keep a Routine

Keeping a routine for your pet is hugely important. Just like humans, dogs are creatures of habit. They like routine and it makes them comfortable. You can do this by feeding them at the same time every day and taking them for walks at the usual time.

Find a Pet Friendly Tree

Some dogs are tempted to go after the Christmas tree, possibly damaging branches or wrecking ornaments. To help safeguard your tree–and keep your pup safe–you can put a baby gate around the tree, or put the decorations and ornaments higher up on the tree where they are out of your dog’s reach.

Author’s note: One trick that my family has used back when we had cats was putting a loud bell on the tree, which would alert us whenever a pet would try to get up on the tree.

Cover Your Trashcan

There’s nothing worse than coming home and finding that your dog helped themselves to the trashcan, likely in search of some delicious human food. Of course, there’s usually more trash than food, and the resulting mess can be headache-inducing for everyone. Instead, save yourself some time and a headache, and hide the trashcan in a spot where dogs can’t reach, or get a trashcan that has a cover.

Make Your Dog Comfortable for Car Trips

Regardless whether or not your dog loves riding in the car, long car trips can be rough. To help with this, make sure they have enough room to be comfortable and give them a couple of toys to be entertained with for the trip. You’ll also want to make sure to stop and let your dog take breaks at rest stops when you’re able to.

Finding Pet Accommodations

If you’re heading out for the holidays and can’t bring your dog with you, find some good accommodations for them. One option is a dog hotel or boarding kennel, where you can drop off your dog and they’ll take care of the rest. This is convenient, but can also be stressful for some dogs.

Another option is a dog sitter. A trained pet sitter will stop by your house, make sure your dog is fed, exercised, and let him or her out to potty. You may also have the option to hire a dog sitter to stay the night with your pup. The advantage of having a dog sitter is that it can be more comfortable for your dog, as they are able to stay home and in their familiar environment.

With these tips, the holidays can go smoother for both you and your pets!

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