5 Products to Keep Dogs Cool for Summer Walks

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The dog days of summer are officially here! For many dogs, the AC is their best friend in the summer, but you can’t exactly carry the AC with you on walks. Here are some products that can help you and your dog beat the summer heat.

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Some dogs have a lot of fur! It’s a temptation for some owners to shave their dogs in the summer weather, but it can do more harm than good. Shaving can cause problems and leave them vulnerable to sunburn. While dogs sweat through their paws, they don’t sweat like we do; instead, they use their respiratory system to cool down. If a dog begins panting, this is usually a tale-tell sign he or she is getting hot.

When a dog pants, the moisture on their tongue evaporates, and their labored breathing causes the moisture to evaporate in the lining of their lungs. Panting also causes the dog’s blood vessels in their face and ears to dilate, which causes the blood to rise closer to the surface of their skin; this then allows their internal heat to exchange with their surrounding environment. 

Speaking of doggy sunburn, some dogs are more susceptible to it than others, even when you don’t shave them. Breeds that have thin fur or bald breeds are at greatest risk of sunburn. If your dog sunburns, consider using this dog spray sunblock to keep them protected.

Not only does the summer sun burn your dog’s skin, but also hot sidewalk can burn your dog’s paws! Check before you let them onto the patio or go on walks. If you can’t keep the back of your hand on the cement for about ten seconds, your dog’s paws won’t be able to handle it either. Keep them protected with boots if they must go outside.

Some dogs hate boots! If your pup won’t keep their boots on for all the treats in the world, paw protection wax can help. It lessens the risk of paw burn and dogs tend to love the healthy paw massage that comes with it.

Water is a must. Keep both you and your pup hydrated! An easy method to make sure your dog is getting the water they need during a walk is by sharing your water in easy to carry bowls.

"Cool" Tips

  • Avoid walking your dog or taking them outside during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Keep them in the shade! Shade can drastically lessen heat.
  • Always watch for signs of heatstroke in your dog. Play it safe.
  • Water-based activities can be a good alternative to exercise during the summer.
  • Know your dog’s risks: different breeds and medical conditions are more susceptible to the heat.

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