4 Reasons Why You Should Hug Your Dog Every Day


Our pets deserve all the affection that we can show them. While some dogs are not fond of hugs, your pup may enjoy this type of attention. However, there are numerous ways to show your dog how much you love and appreciate them aside from hugging them, which may cause your pup to feel intimidated or confused. Here is a list of activities you can do with your dog, especially with the restrictions due to COVID-19.

  1. Doggie date night in: You can have a doggie date at home by preparing a nice meal for both you and your dog.
  1. Go for walks: Respecting social distancing, you can go for walks with your dog to enjoy the early summer time weather.
  1. Treat your pup to a massage: Giving your dog ear rubs and belly rubs will make them feel appreciated, and will make both you and your dog feel good.
  1. Play fetch or tug o’ war: Playing fetch or tug o’ war will be both fun and good exercise for your dog.

If your pup is a cuddle bug, there are many reasons to hug your dog everyday. Here are just a few:

  1. They’re our best friends
  2. They don’t judge
  3. They love unconditionally
  4. They’re always up to doing things with you

With the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes ever more important to take the time and find the positive things in our lives, one of the greatest being our dogs.

*Always approach dogs properly and teach children to behave around dogs carefully and cautiously, particularly if you or a child are unfamiliar with a dog 

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