3 Famous Dogs You Should Know About

black balto dog standing in the woods

Dogs have been companions of humans for hundreds of years. It is only natural that some incredible stories have occurred through that companionship. Here are three famous dogs who have cemented their paws in human history.


The statue of Hachiko is a modern-day popular meeting spot in Shibuya of Tokyo. The beloved Akita dog is widely considered to be the prime example of a dog’s loyalty.

Hachiko traveled to Shibuya station every day at 3 p.m. He was there to meet his master, Professor Ueno, who took the train home from his work at the university. They would walk home together every day.

Tragically, Professor Ueno suffered from a stroke and passed away in 1925 while teaching. Hachiko waited that day, but his master never returned. Despite this, Hachiko kept waiting, traveling to the station to wait at the same time and place. He did this for 10 years, naturally gaining the respect and affection of the nation, until he finally passed away of natural causes. He never gave up hope.

A statue was erected in his honor and bronze paw prints mark where he stood patiently all those years. He is still an example of loyalty and luck to people all over the world.

No, he’s not just a dog from the cartoon! Balto is the name of a Siberian Husky sled dog who represents a great feat of dog and man in the mid-1920s. During a serious case of diphtheria, an infection of the nose and throat, antitoxins were desperately needed in Nome, Alaska. However, the winter was too harsh for anyone to get the antitoxins 500 miles from Anchorage, Alaska, other than by dog sled teams.

Balto was the lead dog for the last stretch of trip. Sled driver Guuner Kaasen reported that the winter conditions were so harsh that he had to blindly rely on the dogs, particularly Balto, to reach Nome. Despite the harsh circumstances and rough odds, the team reached the city with the lifesaving antitoxins. Balto had pulled through and finished the “race” despite his young age and inexperience. He became a symbol of success and celebration.


They call him Bobbie the Wonder Dog, because what Bobbie accomplished became a national sensation. If you’ve ever lost your dog, you can imagine the immense worry and fear that Bobbie’s family had. The Brazier family had to leave their dog in Indiana where he had run off during a family visit in 1924. The family lived in Oregon and feared they’d never see their dog again.

Bobbie, however, had no such fear as shown by his seemingly impossible feat of travelling over 2,500 miles back home. Six months after having been lost, Bobbie stood at the family home’s door in Oregon, asking to be let in. When the story of his journey hit the news, multiple people reported having helped him on his way by feeding, watering, and tending his wounds.

bobbie the wonder dog old photo

Dogs are constantly proving why they are man’s best friend through their character. These three famous dogs probably have a lot in common with your dogs at home as well! Is your dog loyal like Hachiko–waiting patiently for your return at your front door each day? Or perhaps they’re tenacious like Balto, never growing tired of fetch or tug-o-war. Your dog may even be persistent like Bobbie, trying their hardest to never leave your side and keep you company. What characteristics make your dog famous to you?

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