3 Clever Exercises for Your Lazy Pup

Pug Sleeping

Making sure your lazy pup gets proper exercise can be a challenge, especially when their favorite pastime is napping. Just like snooze sessions, exercise needs to happen daily to keep your dog healthy and happy.

We’ve gathered 3 clever exercises that’ll make your pup jump up even when they just want to be lazy.

1. Sniff out treats

Shih Tzu

Grab a bag of your pup’s favorite treats and hide them around your house or apartment. Good hiding spots include: behind doors, under rugs, under the bed, under tables, etc. While your dog begins to sniff them out, the exercise becomes a great workout for your pup’s mind and body! Treat dispensing toys, such as a Pets IQ Treat Ball or Babble Ballare also sure to keep your dog stimulated and challenged, too.

2. Stairway Dash

One easy way to burn your dog’s energy is by encouraging your dog to run up and down a staircase. If your dog likes to play fetch, throw a ball down a flight of stairs while standing at the top. Encourage your dog to run back up the stairs, bringing the ball to you to start the game all over again. This is also a great way to burn energy when the weather is bad and you can’t go outside for very long.

No stairs? No problem! Find a set of stairs outside in your community. Or, if that doesn’t work, any hillside in a park will do. The idea is to burn extra energy by giving your dog an additional challenge during fetch. *Please always double check your community’s leash laws.

3. Keep away and fetch

These games are FUN, FUN, FUN! If your pup has pent up energy, a good old game of fetch and keep away will brighten their dog days. You can play these games inside an apartment or in a yard, but always remember to train your pup to take their toy gently and then release it.

Who knew exercise could fun!

Is your dog lazy? Bark all about their fitness routines in the comments!

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